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Nothing quite ruins your time spent outside like pesky bugs! Whether you’re trying to read a book, grilling out with friends or enjoying the warm sun, flies, mosquitoes, moths, bees and a myriad of other insects can quickly drive you back inside.  The solution to preventing these pests from ruining your outdoor enjoyment is simple:

Bug-Out Outdoor Motorized Roller Shades!

How does it work?

Understanding how an Bug-Out Motorized Exterior Roller Shades work is simple.  Take a look:

  • The Roller Shades are installed.  A simple press of the button on the remote control will operate the Roller Shade in an up or down motion.

  • The sun shining though the shades is reduced, as is the rain blowing through..

  • When the Roller Shade is all the way down, it will keep the bugs out because of the zipper tracks on the side and the bottom rubber seal.

  • Bug-Out Motorized Exterior Roller Shades also protect the home against golf balls and reduce energy costs due to lowered solar rays coming through.


and Durable


Bug-Out Motorized Exterior Roller Shades are perfect for screening your patio from outdoor pests that keep you from using your patio.  They can be custom made to sizes up to 14′ wide and 12′ tall, which will accommodate any project needs!  Moreover, they’re designed to be as resilient as you need them to be in any weather or climate conditions.

The fabric of these screens is made of Tuff Screen, in charcoal color for high visibility (like most window screens).  Our patio roller screens also come with side tracks, which the bottom hem bar slides into to keep the screen from swaying, and an optional L-Fascia to hide the roller on top.  This serves to make your screen not only functional, but easy to use in a pinch.

Our exterior shades/screens are manufactured from the highest quality aluminum alloy and PVC coated materials available, allowing us to offer a "limited lifetime warranty".  The exterior screens can be mounted on any patio around your home or business to stop the bugs.  You can roll them up or down with just the click of a remote control.  Providing a wonderful enjoyable environment for you and your family.  You’ll be glad you found us when you find yourself spending more time outdoors with your family and friends in comfort. 

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If you’re looking for a way to keep the bugs at bay, without compromising your exterior space, consult with Rain-Out today about our Bug-Out Outdoor Motorized Roller Shades.  We’ll help outfit your space to be comfortable, enjoyable and pest-free.

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