Frequently Asked Questions:

How Do I Place An Order?

If you are a homeowner, hover over the HOMEOWNERS tab above and click on a category of products from the drop down list to find out more information about any of our products. Also, feel free to fill out the Contact Us Form to request the information on a local Dealer in your area. 

If you are a Dealer, hover over the DEALERS tab above and click on a category of products from the drop down list.  

Do You Have Installation Instructions?

Yes, we do have installation instructions and an installation video on our Instructions Page.  

How Will the Under Deck Stand Up to Winds? 

Unless the winds reach hurricane force, the Rain-Out Under Deck Ceiling will not be adversely affected by wind.  The reason for this is that the panels are securely locked into position.  Our unique design snaps together each panel, creating a sturdy and water tight ceiling.  So, wind force will not affect a properly installed Rain-Out Under Deck System.  

How Does Your System Do Against Ice and Snow?

Our system is made from sturdy .032" aluminum and has a rugged panel locking system.  It can hold up to a 40 lb per sq ft snow load with a 3 ft on center spacing of the furring strips.

Does the Rain-Out Aluminum System React with Pressure Treated Lumber?

There are several types of chemicals that have been used to make treated lumber over the years.  Chromated copper arsenate (CCA) is a wood preservative that was used for timber treatment between the mid-1930's and 2005.  It is a mix of chromium, copper and arsenic (as Copper(II) arsenate) formulated as oxides or salts, and is recognizable for the greenish tint it imparts to timber.  CCA lumber was outlawed in 2005 due to it's toxicity levels.  


Since then, lumber treatment facilities have used some of the following new generation treatment chemicals: Alkaline Copper Quaternary (ACQ), Copper Azole (CA), Sodium Borate (SBX), Micronized Copper Quaternary (MCQ) and Micronized Copper Azole (MCA).  These newer types of treated woods may be less toxic, but they also contain higher levels of copper, so they're much more corrosive than the old CCA-treated lumber.

Out of all of the above treatment types, the only ones that will work without corroding aluminum when in direct contact and therefore the only ones we recommend using our panels with (and the only ones that do not void the warranty) are the old CCA treated lumber or the new MCQ or MCA treated lumber.  

The other option is to avoid making direct contact between the panels and the treated furring strips.  This can be accomplished by using the Neoprene Washers which are provided in our Rain-Out Kits.

​Where Do You Ship Products?

We ship all over the continental United States and Canada. Shipping is included in the online pricing​ if it is within the continental US.  An extra shipping charge is added if it is to be shipped to Canada.


How Are Payments and Shipping Handled?

All online payments are done by Credit Card and all products are shipped with 2 weeks of receipt of payment.  Our Under Deck Ceilings are palletized and shipped with up to 8 boxes per pallet.  This ensures that they will arrive safely and securely every time.

How Do I Become a Dealer for Rain-Out Products?

To apply to become a Rain-Out Dealer, simply go to our New Dealer Form and fill it out with your company information and submit it for review in becoming an authorized Rain-Out Dealer for your area.

Is There a Warranty on the Rain-Out Under Deck Ceilings?

The warranty on our under deck product is a limited lifetime guarantee.

What Colors are available?

There are 6 standard colors available: White, Royal Brown, Wicker, Clay, Bronze and Aluminum (mill finished).

Will Power Washing or Staining My Deck Harm the Under Decking?

You can power wash and re-stain your deck without harming our system.  Just keep in mind that if your power washer is turned up too high it may produce gouges in the aluminum, or if your stain drips, you may have difficulty removing it.  Though in most cases, we can remove paint or smears.

Do I Need to Worry About Leaves Clogging My New Under Deck System?

The only leaves that will make it into the system are those that can fit between the spacing of your deck boards.  Very few leaves ever get into the system and if they do, a heavy rain will usually wash them on through the downspout.

I'd Like to Have My Rain-Out Products Installed by a Professional.  How Do I Find an Authorized Rain-Out Dealer in My Area? 


The best way is to give us a call at 844-688-3325 and we will recommend an Authorized Rain-Out Dealer in your area for the job.  Also, feel free to fill out the Contact Us Form to request the information on a local Dealer. 

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