Rain-Out Heaters

Rain-Out Infrared Outdoor Patio Heaters: 

Remote Controlled Infrared Outdoor 1500W Electric Heaters are IP65 (Waterproof) and perfect to warm your outdoor environment with infrared technology which heats you and not the space.  No gas, no fire and no mess.  Just hang them up quickly and easily, then plug them into a normal 110V wall outlet and you're all set!!!  They offer silent operation with no UV rays.


They come in two styles: 

•  Basic Remote Controlled Heaters

•  Deluxe Remote Controlled Heaters with Sound System

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Night-Out LED Dot Lights by Rain-Out

LED Recessed Dot Lights are perfect for installation in Rain-Out Under Deck Ceilings, as well as in Deck Floors.  They put off a total of 20 Lumens each, which is created by 3 LEDs in each fixture.  The diameter of the outside finished edge width of each

light is 1-1/2 inches.

Night-Out LED Half Moon Lights by


LED Half Moon Lights are perfect for installing on step risers, posts or any vertical outdoor or indoor surface.  They are 0.4 Watts and put off a perfect amount of light to illuminate a deck step.  These lights come with an optional photocell controller and an outdoor rated power adapter.  The diameter of the outside finished edge width of each light is 1-3/8 inches.  

Deck and Patio Accessories


Rain-Out Deck and Patio Accessories include:

•  Rain-Out Heaters

•  Night-Out LED Dot Lights by Rain-Out

•  Night-Out LED Half Moon Lights by Rain-Out


Tel: 913-490-6399


(844) 688-3325

Leaf-Out Gutter Guards by


  • Made from heavy duty aluminum

  • Choice of either Black or White

  • Does not disturb shingles

  • Can be installed on new or existing gutters

  • 5″ and 6″ sizes available

  • Effective on all roofing styles

  • Designed for keeping out many different types of leaves, pine needles, and other natural tree/foliage debris.

Rain-Out Post Cap Accessories and Pergola End Caps

  • Lighted or Non-Lighted Options available 

  • Choice of colors

  • Many different sizes available

  • Great for Decks, Fences and Pergolas

  • Made of Heavy Duty PVC and rated for the outdoors


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